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Proof Gold Coinage of the United States by Robert J. Loewinger, M.D.



Proof Gold Coinage of the United States

by Robert J. Loewinger, M.D.

For the first time ever here is a volume solely devoted to the subject of United States Proof gold coins. Proof gold coins are among the rarest and most beautiful coins made by the United State government. Unlike “business strike” coins minted for circulation, Proof gold coins are specially created as presentation and collector pieces. Illustrated throughout with more than 135 stunning images from the Smithsonian Institution, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, and private collections, this book will acquaint the reader with the fascinating world of United States Proof gold coinage. From the earliest Proof gold coins struck in 1820 to modern American Eagle Proofs, the history, rarity and beauty of these coins make them sought after objects by discerning collectors and investors. Here the novice will find the knowledge required to enter the world of Proof gold coins. The knowledgeable collector will appreciate the information specific to Proof gold coins gathered in a single volume. Seven chapters illustrated in color with detailed captions describe type and variety for each denomination of Proof gold coin. Additional chapters define Proof Gold, explain how it is manufactured, how to purchase it, and how to research appropriate pricing information. The importance of grading and the rarity of these coins are discussed and several sample collection sets are suggested. The information within is practical for the collector and investor alike and includes a thorough glossary and index. The bibliography lists many important references for further study.

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