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Nero Aureus NGC Fine


This Day in Roman History…

Two-thousand sixty-five years ago today, on what is known as the Ides of March, Julius Caesar was assassinated at the Theatre of Pompey in Rome by a group of Senators. At least sixty senators were in on the conspiracy fearing that he had become too popular and would undermine the Roman Republic.

This event on the Roman political stage, along with many others, is memorialized in Ancient Roman Coinage. These 2,000-year-old numismatic treasures help characterize the power of Rome. The stories they tell are artistic memorials of the lives and times of leaders who ruled the Roman Empire for over 600 years. 

One of the most notorious is Nero. Just like Julius Caesar, most people are at least familiar with his name. Those familiar with Roman history know he had many – well, let’s just say, character flaws. His odd, often cruel, behavior has created much intrigue about his place in western folklore. This has made the coins of Nero favorites among collectors creating lasting and increasing value as a collectible.
All problem free investment quality coins of ancient Rome are rare. Finest Known just discovered a small group of Nero gold coins at an amazing price. We have never been able to acquire a dozen of these at one time. However, we acquired an affordable group and are making them available today as a memorial to the Ides of March


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