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Kellogg & Humbert Monetary Ingot No. 606 – 22.12 OZ

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 Ingot No. 606 – 22.12 OZ

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Deep Blue Sea Pedigreed

“The Greatest Treasure Ever Found” is what LIFE Magazine, March 1992, named the fantastic bounty of perfectly preserved early California gold numismatic relics. For 131 years, these historic treasures were lost in the frigid, lightless depths of the Atlantic, encapsulated (and perfectly preserved) in the wreck of a once elegant 19th century US Mail Steamship, the SS Central America. Using advanced scientific methodologies and inventions, the Columbus-America Discovery Group recovered the gold treasure trove, so massive that its loss in 1857 triggered a series of bank failures, referred to as “The Panic of ’57.”
The disaster is the greatest peacetime loss at sea in American history. The account of the bizarre story is so astonishing that The History Channel airs a documentary on the subject regularly. Other programs have run frequently including the Discovery Channel, Dateline and Morning Magazine, along with many newspaper and magazine accounts. Because the SS Central America’s rare treasures of the California Gold Rush symbolize classic Americana, and this true monetary gold was so well preserved in the state and place it was since 1857, collectors and investors are seizing the opportunity to acquire these rare and unique numismatic treasures.
What makes these gold rush artifacts superior numismatically and historically is that we know exactly where and how they have been preserved since 1857. More astonishing, they are the only important numismatic items where we actually have movie footage (thanks to the revolutionary underwater robot, NEMO) of the place in which they were stored almost 150 years ago.
Just as the name “Titanic” fosters emotion, the “Ship of Gold” will truly live on because of the fantastic historical retrospection. Keep in mind that Warner Brothers purchased the movie rights to the New York Times best seller Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea.

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