Pegasus Silver Stater, 8.65g, Fine Style. The Pegasus is among the most iconic symbols in the history of the World. This is simply unconscionable to acquire one for this price!!

The Pegasus was firmly cemented in Greek Mythology as the story told of a winged horse that sprang from the blood of Medusa as she was beheaded by the great Grecian hero Perseus. It’s with the Pegasus that Bellerophon then undertook a quest to slay the three-bodied Chimera, a terrible monster that terrorized Lycia and upon killing the beast, Bellerophon thought himself an equal to the gods and tried to fly to the top of Mount Olympus on the back of the Pegasus. Angered by his hubris, Zeus sent a gadfly to bite the winged horse and cause him to throw Bellerophon to his death.

The Corinthian silver stater, weighing about 8.6 grams, was a multiple of a drachm weighing 2.87 grams, and was, thus, a tridrachm. However, it also corresponded in weight to an Attic didrachm, thus adding significantly to its popularity in international commerce.

The Pegasus type was so iconic that Corinthian coins were regularly referred to in common parlance simply as pegasoi, or even as “Corinthian colts.” And this variety of the Corinth stater is especially intriguing because of the lettering on the reverse

Surrounding the head of Aphrodite it says:

ΣYPAKOΣIΩN (“of the Syracusans”)

It was with this designation that the Syracusans proudly proclaimed their heritage and forever marked the history of the origins of this beautifully toned, perfect strike and surface, fine style Stater. Act quickly to own this wonderful coin with only 4 graded finer, and a mainstay of the 100 Greatest Ancients.

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