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Domitian Aureus| NGC XF Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5 Fine Style


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Issued As Caesar Rv. Vesta Seated

Roman Empire. Domitian (AD 81-96) Gold – Aureus

NGC XF Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5 Fine Style NGC Census: 11 XF / 54 finer

Paranoid Younger Brother of Titus and Last of the Twelve Caesars

Domitian, the last of the Twelve Caesars, restored the economy by revaluing Roman coinage, rebuilding the city of Rome, and fortifying the border defenses of the Empire. He felt immense envy towards his older brother, Titus, and had a great desire to conquer Germany in an effort to achieve military fame, as in the end Titus had received all the glory for the successes in Judea. Domitian became deeply paranoid after learning of an astrological prediction about his death at “approximately noon”, and would become extremely reclusive around this time each day. He is said to have had a dream just days before his assassination in which the goddess Minerva came to him and told him she could no longer protect him. 

The present piece is perfectly centered with sharp details (Strike: 5/5) on the portrait, designated as Fine Style with a nearly flawless surface (4/5). The obverse features the laureate head of Domitian, and the reverse is of vesta seated, the Protectress of Rome. Seen as the Goddess of the home, it was lore that Vesta cared for and maintained each home of the citizens. Thus, Domitian paired his image with Vesta and united the imagery of Domitian and Vesta caring for the people of Rome.

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12 Caesars, Roman Empire


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