A California Gold Rush History, S.S. Central America by Q. David Bowers

Featuring the treasure from the S.S. Central America: This is an invaluable sourcebook for the Gold Rush historian and numismatist. This BIG Beautiful Hardcover Coffee Table Book is over 1,000 pages and is filled with beautiful full-color images, that take you back in time to the California Gold Rush.

This book covers it all… The California Gold Rush History, Getting there, Mining, Contemporary stories and accounts, Private coiners and assayers, San Francisco Mint, Treasure of the S.S. Central America: Saga at sea of the gold-laden ship, Columbus-America Discovery Group, Description of recovered coins and Monetary Gold Ingots, and much, much more!

• Shipwrecks

• Underwater archaeology

• Steamboats History

• U.S. Coins

• Numismatics

• Gold discoveries

• Gold Rush History

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