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2021 Heraldic Eagle T-1 FDOI MS70



2021 – END OF AN ERA


Silver bullion has been on a tear and many analysts around the globe are projecting much higher prices in the years ahead, pointing to endless stimulus, massive government debt and huge deficits. The FED is pouring fuel on the fire by extending the money supply at a rate never seen. This is not just a U.S. issue, it is happening all over the globe. One must wonder if fiat currencies are on the edge of a precipitous drop in value? There are big arguments to be made for having a big position in silver, a long-time storage of wealth and real money.

Since 1986, the American Silver Eagle has been struck with the obverse design of a Walking Lady Liberty and the reverse has boldly exhibited the United States Heraldic Eagle, designed by the 12th engraver of the U.S Mint, John Mercanti.

The design elements of the Silver Eagle have not been altered once in its 35-year history. 2021 marks the 35th anniversary with a brand-new design due within a few months, bringing an end to an era.

The American Silver Eagle is arguably the most collected modern coin in the world. The 2021 Type I issues offered here are the VERY LAST ISSUE with these classic design elements and collectors and investors alike are buying them quickly. This element gives the investor an added punch of collectibles coupled with hefty 1-ounce silver content.

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MS 70


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