The Greatest of All Time (aka The G.O.A.T. or the GOAT) The return season from baseball, 1996, when Michael Jordan came back and let his actions tell the world that he is in fact the Greatest of All Time, (The G.O.A.T.) 

Game worn and autographed Michael Jordan jersey. 

NBA Champs, Finals MVP, 72 Wins, Scoring Champ, and All-Star MVP 

Championship Season for the 72-10 Chicago Bulls in the 1995-1996 season Michael Jordan exhibited excellence – near perfection. He carried his team to win the NBA Title, he was Finals MVP, won 72 games, he was the NBA Scoring Champ, and All-Star MVP. Finest Known is proud to present this 1995-96 Michael Jordan Game Worn Autographed Jersey. What more can be said about Michael Jordan that hasn't already? Not since Babe Ruth has a sporting figure captured the imagination of the world the way he did, pairing absolute dominance in his athletic field of endeavor with a charm and charisma that earned him iconic status even among those with no interest in sports. Game worn jerseys from the hardcourt legend have been exceedingly difficult to locate as they have found their way into permanent collections. But to find one autographed by the legend is almost impossible in today’s marketplace. One day the opportunity to own such a monumentally important piece will be gone, and thousands will wish they had taken the opportunity when they had it. So, we suggest you strongly consider this unmistakable red mesh gamer, blessed with the two-tone "Bulls 23" on chest and "Jordan 23" on verso that Chicago fans still see in their dreams. Note that the "drop," or the position of the name on back in relation to the neckline, is proper for gamers and greater than the Pro-Cut jerseys that are often passed off as the real thing. "95-96 Bulls Exclusivity" tagging in the tail has a "Body Length +3" designation, and a "Champion [size] 46" label resides to the right. Remember of course that the 1995-96 season saw the Bulls log an incredible seventy-two victories before going on to claim a fourth World Championship, placing this Jordan near the top of the heap in terms of desirability. A flawless silver sharpie signature on verso ratchets up the appeal yet another notch. Wear is light but consistent, with clear sweat puckering to the tagging. (Letter Of Authenticity from Lou Lampson and letter from the former Director of Community Relations for the Miami Heat is available upon request.) 

Recent comparisons: Kobe Bryant game worn from 1996-1997 season sold for $3.7 milion in 2021; Kobe Bryant game worn jersey sold June 6, 2022 for $2.7 million; Kobe Bryant game worn from 2007-2008 season sold for $5.8 million Feb. 1, 2023; Michael Jordan’s game worn jersey from “Last Dance” season 1998 and worn in game 1 of the finals against the Utah Jazz sold for $10.1 million in Sept. 2022. 

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1995-96 Michael Jordan Autographed Game Worn Jersey


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