The Zerbe Dollar is one of the most prized of any in a collection of Morgan Dollars. In an era in which considerably less rare Morgans are selling for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars each just because they’re in mega conditions it appears to me that any available Zerbe is an extraordinary value for the money.

Farran Zerbe was a prominent man in numismatics with considerable clout at the U.S. Mint. In 1921, they specially prepared approximately 200 examples at the Philadelphia Mint, and 24 examples at the San Francisco Mint.

The San Francisco version, being quite a bit rarer, is virtually never seen in any condition. It is one of my personal favorite coins made and I want to stress again, the value for the money is simply too exceptional to pass up when you’re comparing the date with other coins.

A truly world class Gem example you may not see again for some time.

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1921 S $1 Morgan Silver Dollar (Zerbe Special Strike) PCGS SP65