Tied for Finest Known! Collectors Universe is $335,000! Only 71 Minted.

Proof $10 Indians have been exploding in today’s marketplace! Indeed, in an era of crypto billionaires where money is no object to acquire the best of the best, this extraordinary PF68 1913 $10 Indian would be a welcomed addition in any world class cabinet of magnificent rarities.

With only 71 Minted it is among the rarest of all Proof $10 Indians struck. As a Tied for Finest Known example with just 2 others it knows no parallel other than the greatest of the great.

Collectors Universe pegs the value of this coin at $335,000 and we’re able to provide it for significantly less! We are currently experiencing some of the greatest surge in demand and price appreciation our market has ever seen, so do not be fooled by the price-tag of this coin! It is a phenomenal opportunity while it lasts…

A gorgeous piece in the finest grade it can be acquired.

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1913 P Gold $10 Indian Head NGC PF68


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