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1911 $20 St Gaudens NGC PF65 Satin



Unique Discovery Coin. The Only Satin Proof of 1911.

A Landmark Addition for any World Class Collector of Saint Gaudens Gold.

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The existence of a 1911 Proof in Satin should create a frenzy among the inner circles of Saint Gaudens collectors. Of course, only one person can possibly own this unique and fascinating piece of the series. Will it be you?



It has long been the close bond of just two men which has changed history. In the beginning it was the close bond of George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette that helped lead America to victory in the Revolutionary War.

Then, it was the bond of Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant to see us through one of the most trying periods in our nation’s history. A few short decades later and America was in a sort of renaissance period. The collaboration of globally renowned sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens and President Theodore Roosevelt set forth a bold and beautiful new face of America’s “change” to the World. The new Double Eagle was born.

The Saint Gaudens’ series is laden with many extraordinary rarities, from the business strike 1927-D to the ultra-rare 1933 which last sold for more than $7,000,000 back in 2002 – which seems like a lifetime ago with the price appreciation of many coins from then to now.

Proof Gold has long akin to numismatic caviar. It is an area explored often only by those individuals well-resourced and patient enough to dare venture, but sometimes there’s a rarity so great it stands alone as a world class acquisition for anyone’s collection even though they may not be on a mission to tackle every other date known.

Saint Gaudens Proof Gold $20’s were struck entirely different from anything known before their time. It was a period of experimentation within the Mint’s walls, and the finishes at the beginning bounced from Roman Finish to Matte Finish and back again. This was supposed to stop entirely in 1911 with the Matte Proofs which would carry on the same Matte finish to the end of Proof production in 1915.

In 1911 the Mint struck 100 Proof coins with a Matte finish. However, just one is known to exist with a ‘Satin’ finish, which has the look of a Roman Proof with a slightly more granular texture. There are no other design finishes known for the year.

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Rare Coins


$20 Double Eagles


MS 65

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