Without a doubt, the two most popular collectible series of gold coins by date from the 20th is the $2.50 and $5.00 Gold Indians. They exist because of President Theodore Roosevelt’s love affair with our nation's coins. He believed our coins should exhibit characteristics of beauty, art, and symbolism of our principles. Thus, in 1908 everything began rapidly changing for all circulating gold coinage. 

The $5 Gold Indian incuse design by Bela Lyon Pratt is a prime example of his desires. It is one of the most popular series throughout the World. As a short series spanning from 1908 to 1916, and one more issue in 1929, they are an easy to collect series and in the range of even the most budget-conscious collector. As a result, it has tremendous collector price support, and thus creating a fundamentally sound investor coin. 

In my 36 years, I have never seen a quantity of better date 1910-S $5 Indians at one time. I am excited to offer this deal at a price that represents an extraordinary opportunity and value.  

Before this offer could get written up, we sold many of the 92 coins the deal originally boasted. Our staff chose this small group as the “Coin of the Week” and is very excited about the price we can offer to our customers. They are all very nicely preserved in MS61, and all are graded and certified by PCGS. 

Notable is that there has not been a PCGS MS61 example at major auction since January 2018, confirming how tough these popular coins are to find. For comparison, it is worthy of note that a MS62 example sold at public sale in April 2022 for an impressive $4,800.

The PCGS CU3000 price guide for MS61 is $3,000.  

Finest Known is excited to offer this small group of PCGS MS61 examples for a special price of only $2,495. 


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1910 S Gold $5 Indian Head PCGS MS61


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