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1910 $20 St Gaudens NGC PF64

Only 167 Minted!

David Akers stated in the 1980’s that although 167 were struck, a paltry number by any measure, significantly fewer probably left the Mint to begin with since many would have gone unsold or melted. 

The 1910 Saints in Proof are of the Roman finish. This would change in 1911 with the Matte finish.

By 1910 President Theodore Roosevelt’s dream of revitalizing America’s coinage was complete. While there weren’t many collectors at that time, it leaves an incredible opportunity for enthusiasts today.

While there are 68 grading events in all grades combined by PCGS and NGC, David Akers also once stated that he believed no more than 25 examples were likely known.

This is a remarkable opportunity for the purveyor of this series to acquire a Proof at this price point.


Proof Gold has long akin to numismatic caviar. It is an area explored often only by those individuals well-resourced and patient enough to dare venture, but sometimes there’s a rarity so great it stands alone as a world class acquisition for anyone’s collection even though they may not be on a mission to tackle every other date known.

Saint Gaudens Proof Gold $20’s were struck entirely different from anything known before their time. It was a period of experimentation within the Mint’s walls, and the finishes at the beginning bounced from Roman Finish to Matte Finish and back again. 

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MS 64

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