The Wells Fargo Bank Hoard is one of the most well told stories in American numismatics. In 1917 nearly 20,000 1908 No Motto $20’s were stashed away and remained essentially untouched by human hands until they were made available to collectors in the 1990’s. It was one of the greatest finds and a story which ignited sales rooms across the country that would last for years.

Of course, the hoard is still relevant today. The vast majority of known examples grade about MS65 to MS67 with a small spattering of MS68’s and believe it or not, 10 MS69’s. The last time I sold an MS69 was in early 2020 for $110,000. An MS69 just sold in September 2021 for $192,375!! Saints are absolutely exploding!

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1908 P Gold $20 St Gaudens (Wells Fargo, No Motto) NGC MS68


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