Wire Rim. Only 500 Minted!

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” The famous words of Theodore Roosevelt would first be uttered as Vice President, just days before the assassination of President McKinley at the hands of the anarchist Leon Csolgozs.

This one event would change the history of our nation’s coinage forever, as it would usher in Roosevelt as President and a new agenda to beautify America’s coinage to the levels of artistry seen on Greek and Roman ancient coins made centuries prior.

If not for the brilliant collaboration between the President and the legendary Sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens, such legends of American numismatic mastery would not exist today.

Only an artist so masterful in his skill who had already been commissioned in designing public monuments could be trusted by Roosevelt to collaborate with him and create one of the most beautiful coins the world had ever seen.

With a mintage of a mere 500 coins, the 1907 Wire Rim is the one coin of the Series that most closely represents Saint Gaudens’ initial design. It is a key series rarity with immense popularity amongst the many collectors of this extraordinary series.

In this grade it represents intriguing value for its condition and overall appeal.

It is a Top 100 U.S. Coin for good reason and in historic terms is one of the greatest artistic masterpieces of the United States Mint and a prized addition to any prestigious, world class collection.

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1907 P Gold $10 Indian Head (Wire Rim) PCGS AU53


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