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1907 $20 High Relief NGC PF67* (STAR)

One of America’s Greatest Coins

Of the 11,000 or so High Reliefs struck in 1907, few possess the necessary characteristics to be classified as Proofs.

These are from the earliest die state, prepared especially using the same collar that struck the 7-figure Ultra High Relief and exhibiting a satiny luster.

At this level of preservation it doesn’t even matter that the coin is Proof or Business Strike format.

All MS67 or PF67 High Reliefs are superb rarities, essential in any world class collection of coinage.

Of course, the fact this coin is a rarer Proof is just icing on the cupcake, and the fact it is * Star * designated is the cherry on top.



Since its creation the High Relief $20 has pulled on the heart strings of coin collectors across the globe. It was President Theodore Roosevelt’s intention to send tingles down the spine of anyone who would be looking at America’s coinage for the first time. In one quick glance you could see all that America symbolized on a single work of monetary art.

It is by far and away one of the most beautiful High Reliefs money can buy, and with so few ever seen finer it makes a lot of sense to add this exquisite example to your collection.




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$20 Double Eagles


MS 67

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