Proof, Cameo. Proof Only Date! A Top 100 U.S. Coin. Blue Chip Rarity! Only 880 Minted!

Known as the “King of Morgan Dollars,” the 1895 is a special issue which instantly invokes emotion into all of us kids at heart who used to dream of this date and now might finally have the ability to acquire one.

The story is fascinating to say the least. See, Mint Record show that 12,000 Business Strike examples of the 1895 Morgan Dollar were produced, but not a single example in that form has ever been seen.

A mere 880 examples were struck in Proof format, which today represents the only collectable examples of this date for what is the most collected series of American coinage ever made.

Could it be that the 12,000 Business Strikes are stashed away somewhere? Hidden in some bank vault waiting to be found? It’s highly unlikely as the 1890’s presented mass-meltings for both gold and silver coins, but it would be interesting to ponder the hypothetical discovery of such an example if it was ever possible. Millions? Definitely.

It is also suspected that the mintage figure of 12,000 could be a carryover from 1894, a far more likely scenario in our opinion.

This exquisite PF66 Cameo example is one of the best an astute collector can buy.

George T. Morgan was a pioneer in the United States Mint. His vision helped create the modern collecting craze with his boldness in ideas and design. This is the pinnacle of that vision, and a remarkable addition to any extraordinary collection.

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