Branch Mint Proof. Unique. The only other Branch Mint Proof known for the series is the 1844-O, which last sold for more than $2,000,000.

Branch Mint Proofs have long been something even the most well-resourced collectors could only dream about. While you’re more likely to see a Branch Mint Proof in Silver, they are in a league of their own when found in gold. In fact, of all U.S. gold coins ever produced we can only think of three coins to be classified as full Proofs by PCGS or NGC. Those include the 1844-O $10 Branch Mint Proof which last sold more than a decade ago for a figure purported to be north of $2,000,000 and an 1844-O Half Eagle that is out there somewhere that would likely bring a similar number, if not more in today’s market for such items. In fact, at the time of the private sale for the 1844-O Eagle very few coins had yet eclipsed seven-figure territory.

Today a greater number of coins have sold for 7 figures than ever before, and many of them aren’t unique.

The 1894-O is a landmark discovery coin and only the 2nd Branch Mint Proof $10 known at all. With the 1844-O listed in the Top 100 U.S. Coins we think the 1894-O is a remarkable achievement for any collector with the desire to own what no one else can.

Such a coin is not limited just by the money required to obtain it, but by being in the right place and at the right time to even be offered it. We are honored to have that privilege to now offer you one of the greatest discoveries in decades.

For many collectors, the price paid couldn’t replace the value of owning it. It is certainly one of the most special coins we’ve ever come across. It is fully struck to razor-sharp detail with vivid Cameo contrast between the fields and devices. It is simply unlike any other branch mint eagle you may ever see.

The surfaces of this coin are undoubtedly Proof, and anyone who claims to the contrary has simply never seen it. The coin is chisel struck with razor sharp detail in every element of the struck, with full and exceptional Cameo contrast unlike any other 1894-O Eagle in existence.

Most seasoned numismatists have never seen a coin like this in their careers, and you’re being given the unique opportunity to own it for yourself. Destined for any world class purveyor of the finest rarities.

Unique as Certified. Pop 1.

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1894 O $10 Gold Liberty Head NGC PF62 Cameo