The 1884 Proof $20 represents the rarest collectible $20 unless you’re thinking of the basically unobtainable 1861 Paquet, or the museum-only 1849.


It is one of three dates in the 1880’s in which the Philadelphia Mint only struck Proofs, and no circulation strikes. It is, of course, the rarest of the three – and incredibly difficult to locate in Gem and finer grades, with many years passing between each offering.


The fact only Proofs were made means that any collector wishing to obtain this “date” for their collection has only what remains of the low mintage of 71 coins to choose from. These are almost never made available.


There are fewer than 20 examples known, and of those few collectors would every think to let one out of their collection. They usually only come to market when an advanced collector passes on and their family doesn’t know what to do with it.


This remarkable PF65 Cameo example looks nicer than the given grade. It exhibits a razor sharp strike as would be expected of the issue, and beautiful device to field contrast deserving of the Cameo designation.


The rarest collectible $20 money can buy, and one that will be a highlight of your world class collection.


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1884 P Gold $20 Liberty Head NGC PF65 Cameo


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