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1881 Gold $20 LIBERTY NGC AU58

PCGS Pop: 7/5  • NGC Pop: 7/5 

The 1881 $20 Type III Liberty Head Double Eagles is a major stumbling block in this highly collectible series. 

With a mintage of just 2,100 coins it is the first in a line of dates (1882, 1885, 1886) of business strike issues with extraordinarily low production numbers and low survival rates. Due to demand from set builders or key date collectors the 1881 is always a pursuit for the astute collector or investor. 

Although population records indicate 10 examples known in finer grades, estimates no more than 3 are truly known in Mint State. These skewered population figures do not quite display rarity of the 1881. 

It is worthy of note that at the peak of the 2010-2014 bull market a specimen sold at public sale HA Lot #5550 January 8, 2014 for an impressive $111,625. With the bear market of 2015-2018 this key date rarity offers substantial value, especially as we appear to be in the early stages of another bull market. 

An extraordinary opportunity for that special someone attempting to build a world class set of some of the rarest Double Eagles around. Population as reported by PCGS is 7 coins with 5 finer. 


Liberty Head $20 (1849-1907)

Additional information

Weight 8.0006 g

Rare Coins


$20 Double Eagles


AU 58

Grading service


Mint mark




Strike type





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