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1880 $4 Flowing Hair Stella NGC PF62 Gilt


This very special Gilt example is for that special individual looking for this extraordinary coin, but without a price tag that looks like a mortgage in a big city.

Only about a dozen examples are known of Judd 1658 in all metals, the majority of which remain in their underlying Copper metal. This example displays no breaks in the gold overlay and represents an immensely attractive representative of the type.


To date the auction record for an 1880 Flowing Hair $4 Stella in gold stands at $959,400 for an extraordinary Superb Gem that took place in 2013.

Most collectors that have ever encountered a $4 Stella at all have seen those of the Flowing Hair design of 1879.  Only 425 were Minted and while that’s rare enough to be included as a Top 100 U.S. Coin, by 1880 the mintage dropped to a mere 35 examples.

It is simply too cost-prohibitive for most collectors to acquire an 1880 Stella for their collections and for those with the means, the opportunities are very rare since the most prestigious collections and museums seldom deaccession them.


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$4 Gold Stella

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