Only 2,325 Minted! The Final New Orleans Double Eagle.

There was a certain, unmistakable energy about the city of New Orleans that would be squashed during the Civil War, but like a Phoenix rising above the ashes its inner birthright would never be taken from them.

Production of Double Eagles was halted in 1861 at the start of the Civil War once the Union seized control of the New Orleans Mint. It would not begin production again until 1879, and even then the coins would only come off the dies for that year only and never again.

A sparse 2,325 pieces were made. Of that, the vast majority of survivors grade no better than XF with a small spattering of AU’s here and there. A single NGC MS60 is the only public offering of a Mint State example in 15 years. This example grades MS61 and is from the famous Ashland City collection of Double Eagles.

Just 3 or 4 examples are believed to exist in all Mint State grades combined, despite inflated population statistics which account for dealer and collector resubmissions trying to achieve higher grades.

The opportunity may never be replicated. You owe it to yourself as a connoisseur of the finest New Orleans Mint rarities to acquire one of the greatest survivors of this extremely coveted date.

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1879 O Gold $20 Liberty Head NGC MS61


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