William Barber created one of the greatest numismatic masterpieces of all time with his creation of what has been dubbed the Amazonian Dollar. The Amazonian moniker was given to the coins just 18 years after they were produced and became globally famous as part of the 1890 Parmalee sale. It is believed by most to be one of the most beautiful coins ever made.

The Parmalee sale was a sale of such magnitude and importance that collectors and dealers still study it to this day to discover and attribute the provenance of some tremendous rarities.

The Amazonian Dollar was struck in various metals and any and all of them are immensely coveted and sought after when made available.

It is by far and away one of the most significant pattern designs in history, and few ever come available in any metal or any condition.

There are believed to be only 9 examples of Judd-1206 known to exist, and the opportunity to acquire one, especially with a CAC endorsement, will be met with excitement by the most astute world class collectors.

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1872 Judd-1206 Amazon $1 Amazonian Pattern Dollar PCGS PR63 BN CAC


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