Any enthusiast of this series understands the difficulty of locating an 1868 $20 in Mint State. These coins just weren’t saved from circulation, and experts guess as few as 9 examples even exist in Mint State at all.

While there are 29 certification events in all Uncirculated grades, a number of those are known resubmissions for dealers and collectors vying for a higher grade over the years.

1868 was one of the most volatile post-Civil War years of the 1860’s in the United States. The 14th amendment granted all African Americans the right to due process under the law, and Andrew Johnson was formally acquitted of his impeachment proceedings.

The Finest for the date is a single MS63, with none known better. It is an outstanding opportunity to acquire what is in our opinion still a vastly underrated date in the series.

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1868 P Gold $20 Liberty Head PCGS MS61


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