Proof, Cameo. Only 50 Minted! Less than 10 Known to Exist!

If you can imagine a country so divided that it would turn on itself in violence and bloodshed you might look at the news a little different today. Such was the case during the American Civil War, and by the end of it in 1865 the physical wounds might have been over, but the emotional scarring would last for generations.

By 1867 reconstruction was underway in the south. A nation so hopelessly torn apart was beginning to piece itself back together.

The 1867 $20 in Proof format was struck to the tune of just 50 pieces, and less than 10 are known to exist in any condition today. A number of them were likely melted shortly after being made.

In higher grades this coin commands a significant six-figure sum. In PF61 Cameo it is an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a very nice example of a major rarity, and one you’ll be proud to take ownership of.


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