Proof, Restrike. One of 3 or 4 Known! Struck in 1869/70.

Between 1869 and 1870 the U.S. Mint restruck the 1865 $3 in Proof using different dies. What results is for the enthusiast one of the rarest opportunities we’ve ever seen for the price point.

While some people may not differentiate between an original and a Restrike, true connoisseur’s will have been searching for this opportunity for generations only to come up empty. Acquiring a coin like this is not limited by resources, but by simple rarity. The exact number of coins struck is unknown, but experts as of a few years ago agree no more than two exist.

The Civil War pitted brother against brother, father against son, and of course north against south. It quite literally flipped the country upside down.

As the drumbeat of war finally neared its end in 1865 it’s a special kind of fate that the country wasn’t spared from further turmoil after the assassination of President Lincoln at the hands of the actor John Wilkes Booth.

‘Sic Temper Tyrannis!’ he would yell as he leaped from the balcony from where he shot the President in cold blood from just inches behind. Of course, the federal government would hunt him down only days later and hang him just a short while after – but the devastation would leave Mary Todd Lincoln in literal insanity for the rest of her life, having lost her son Willy and then of course her husband – the great Honest Abe.

This is a very special coin struck during the Reconstruction era using new dies but with the date of 1865.

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1865 P Gold $3 Indian Princess PCGS PR62 Restrike


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