Brother Jonathan, Horseneck Collection

The SS Brother Jonathan was a Civil War Era steamship, sailing north from San Francisco, carrying 244 passengers and crew, and a large treasure of gold coins freshly minted at the San Francisco mint.

The ship encountered stormy gale conditions near the California-Oregon border, so the captain ordered the ship to turn back for the safety of Crescent City Bay.

On its return, it struck a rock reef, tearing a large hole in its hull, tossing passengers and crew overboard. The captain ordered everyone to abandon ship immediately.

Besides the tragic loss of life of passengers and crew, there were also many gold species lost with a market value today valued at more than $50 million. The search for the Gold Treasure began soon after, but alluded numerous treasure hunters, for almost 130 years.

This big beautiful Civil War Era 1863-S $20 gold coin was recovered from the SS Brother Jonathan shipwreck and is graded NGC MS62.
Historic artifacts from the California Gold Rush and Civil War Era, with a Shipwreck provenance, make this a perfect addition to any world-class coin portfolio.

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1863 S Gold $20 Liberty Head (Brother Jonathan) NGC MS62