Proof, Civil War. CAC. Only 39 Minted!

It’s barely two years into the blood-tinged soil that lay beneath the soldiers feet. Many of them have never seen the smell of death before their noses, or the sight of their best friends and brother lying in soil, a bullet to the chest or a limb lost to grapeshot. 

It was foe against foe. Brother against brother. Sometimes father against son. Letters were written before these battles to loved ones preaching of days they’d return to one another, making love once again, embracing, breaking bread with their children once more…sometimes never to be experienced again.

For numismatics, the coins often speak of the stories we can no longer hear for ourselves. Indeed, none of us could possibly imagine to live in such times, but we have worked hard enough in what society has allowed of us to appreciate those have gone before.

The 1863 $3 in Proof was struck to the tune of just 39 pieces. This lightly “circulated” example represents a phenomenal market opportunity to acquire a great rarity at a relatively low price of entry.

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1863 P Gold $3 Indian Princess PCGS PR58 CAC