Paquet. The Rarest San Francisco Mint $20!

Anthony Paquet was one of the greatest minds to ever grace the inner sanctum of the U.S. Mint. He was one of few assistants to never achieve the Chief Engraver position, but was so immensely talented that today his name is legendary in all numismatic circles.

Born in Germany in 1814, Paquet came to America in 1848 and had an engraving shop in New York. He did freelance work for the Mint in 1857 and began full-time as Assistant Engraver soon thereafter.

By 1861, his talents were recognized amongst Mint officials and the numismatic cognoscenti. Some of the 1861-S $20’s he produced, with completely altered, enlarged reverse lettering, were released.

Most examples of the 1861-S Paquet $20 are beyond the reach of collectors. Few people, even though it was an interesting curiosity even in 1861, could simply afford to hang onto a Double Eagle, and few were saved of the approximately 19,250 that are believed to have been struck to begin with.

Today, it represents one of the great rarities of a $20 Liberty collection. Its presence is essential in any world class collection, and you’re certain to appreciate it for years to come.

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1861 S Gold $20 Liberty Head (Paquet) NGC AU50