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1861-O Seated Half Dollar NGC PF62+

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The One and Only Certified Proof.

Owned by one of America’s most Prominent Families.

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We take great pride in the acquisition of perhaps the most important numismatic discovery in a generation. The existence of a Proof 1861-O Half Dollar has been debated since the 1950’s but no one has ever been able to confirm it, until now.

Branch Mint Proofs have long been a collector’s delicacy. It is evident in the prices realized of each and every 1838-O that comes up for auction in Proof.

The fact that four “Confederate Half Dollars” in Proof are known to exist is evidence enough that the Confederacy did indeed possess the ability to strike Proof coinage.

What the 1838-O and the 1861 Confederate Half do have is a long history of stories and dialogue. The 1861-O Proof Half Dollar has it too, but never before has one been verified by PCGS or NGC.

This coin is speculated to have been struck in some kind of ceremony within the Confederate States at the New Orleans Mint sometime very early on in 1861 before production simply shut down entirely because of the War. It could be that they were struck as a precursor to the modified Confederate Reverse design Proof Half Dollar aforementioned in this article.

This coin was once owned by one of America’s most royal families, the Duponts. It spent more than 7 years on display at the Louisiana State Museum and spent some time in a couple other collectors before some savvy research unveiled it as being a true Proof, and subsequently verified by NGC.

Its mere existence is one of the greatest discoveries in numismatic history. If you have the means, you owe it to yourself to acquire what is in our opinion one of the most important Half Dollars the Mint has ever created, and a coin that when compared with the 1838-O or the 1861 Confederate Reverse Proof Half is a marvelous opportunity for the price.

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Civil War Hoard


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