In those few final moments of calm the fate of an entire nation rested with one man. The orders given by Confederate General P.T. Beauregard in the early morning hours of April 12, 1861 to fire the first shots upon Fort Sumter would begin a relentless and brutal bloodbath between North and South that wouldn’t end until 1865.

Early on in 1861 Union forces understood the need to put a stranglehold on crucial Confederate ports and towns. They would seize the New Orleans Mint immediately and all production would cease their entirely until 1879 when one final issue would be made again.

The 1861-O is one of the most desirable issues of any Double Eagle collection and as the only Civil War date produced in New Orleans it carries a story no other date can.

This is one of the most affordable examples on today’s market that still carries an abundance of wholesome eye appeal.

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1861 O Gold $20 Liberty Head PCGS XF45