Nestled between the waves, entirely protected by mother nature for a century and a half lied this spectacular 1857-S $20 with sensational Prooflike surfaces.


Few coins were recovered from the Ship that were ever given the ‘PL’ nod. Both the first and second recoveries yielded just a tiny number of coins to be given this coveted status.


For many years the only PL gold you could find in a PCGS holder was from the original recovery. Today, they grade more and more coins with the PL designation – but there will never be anymore from the SS Central America! The known quantity is already well absorbed into the marketplace and few are ever made available.


This extraordinary example looks as though it was struck with kid gloves as one of the first made from freshly polished dies, remarkably well preserved from the moment of striking to the moment it boarded the ship in 1857 and then somehow protected by nature until its ultimate discovery.


A beautiful coin that will be right at home in any world class collection.

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1857 S Gold $20 Liberty Head (SS Central America) PCGS MS61 PL CAC