Prooflike, CAC. The Only Known Prooflike!

SS Central America gold has been on fire since the newest NGC press release ignited a new flame in the marketplace. We have moved hundreds of thousands of dollars in SSCA gold in the past 10 days alone!

The newest recovery of coins from the depths of the SS Central America has yielded some rather interesting landmark discoveries.

This incredible 1857-S $5 is the only such coin graded Prooflike by PCGS with or without regard for the SS Central America designation. Simply put, to have survived that long at the depths of the ocean with surface qualities nearly that of a Proof is nothing short of astonishing!

Only a handful of $20’s were preserved with Prooflike surfaces from the ship, along with a couple Half Eagles of different dates and a few $2 ½’s. It is exceptionally rare to find ANY of these coins in today’s market!

This beautiful example is like peering into a kaleidoscope to the era in which it was made. A remarkably preserved coin entirely touched by human hands from the year it was made until now.

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