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1854-S $20 Double Eagle NGC MS64 “Blackwood Collection”

The 1854-S $20 gold coin is historically significant due to its status as the first double eagle minted at the new San Francisco Mint.

All the gold coins from this first year of minting in San Francisco are highly sought collectibles and have performed admirably as an asset. The popularity of the 1854 date set of coins from San Francisco are greatly enhanced by two great rarities of the marketplace, the quarter eagle, and the half eagle.

Both the quarter eagle and half eagle from 1854 baring the “S” mint mark are two of the greatest coins minted in the United States. The quarter eagle has been seen in various grade ranges eight times since 2010, with the most recent being an AU50 selling at public sale in March 2020 for an impressive $384,000. Stunning considering the world had just shut down due to COVID-19.

The half eagle is the rarest for the date with a mintage of only 268 and only 3 known to exist, it is one of the most coveted coins in the entire market. Only 3 times has one been seen at public sale since 1982 with the high auction record being the XF45 which sold in August 2018 for $2,160,000.

Why are these two smaller gold coins relevant to the double eagle of the same year. Well, as they say, all boats rise with the tide. The 1854-S double eagle is clearly one of the most desirable double eagles as evidenced by its pricing track record. The average quality of these big gold coins is XF45-AU53. Total survival estimate in all grades is 500-600 coins with hundreds of those in heavily circulated condition.

When seen at public sale this coin brings enthusiastic bidding regardless of grade. Worthy of note is that only two coins grading AU58 have been seen in auction since 2018 and both sold for more than $20,000. In early 2019 there were two MS63 examples which sold for an average of $48,000 and more recently in March 2020, again during the early days of the COVID lockdown, a MS65 specimen sold for an impressive $132,000.

The near gem specimen offered here is a superb MS64 from the Blackwood Collection.

The total PCGS and NGC population for MS64 is only 14 known with 3 coins graded higher. There are no recent price records for a MS64 but given the recent auction comps of MS63 specimens for $48,000 and the MS65 for $132,000, this MS64 specimen seems more than reasonable at anything under $100,000.

Monaco’s Finest Known is excited to offer the specimen pictured here for only $82,500. This amazing coin has all four attributes a coin needs to have for long term price increases: Rarity, Popularity, Quality and Historical Significance.

This one has it all, do not miss this opportunity.

Additional information

Weight 8.0006 g

Rare Coins


$20 Double Eagles


MS 64

Grading service


Mint mark

San Francisco



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