The example offered here is tied for “Finest Known” and is a unique treasure artifact tied to a period which is one the most significant eras in American history. Its provenance is unquestioned, and its importance cannot be overstated. All 1854-O double eagles are regarded as a cornerstone to any great collection and that is confirmed by its listing in the bestselling book, 100 Greatest United States Coins. But as great as all surviving specimens are, the example offered here is “the one to own”.

Statistically, the 1854-O is the 2nd rarest of all Type I Double Eagles with a miniscule mintage of 3,250. Total survivors traced is between 25-35 specimens with almost all in the very fine to extra fine grades. All AU examples are considered in the condition census (5-7) and no mint state examples are known. The present “treasure” example is graded AU58 and shares that grade with 4 other specimens. 

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