Kellogg, Copper Die Trial. Once owned by the great Virgil Brand. The Finest Known! Old Green Holder.

The California Gold Rush was the reason for one of the largest population migrations in human history. In just a few years the Golden Coast went from untouched white sand beaches and rolling foothills to a bustling mecca of activity and economic boom.

Various entities sprang up to fill the need for coinage in commerce, as there was yet no way to determine the true purity of the gold coming from the earth.

The firm of Kellogg and Company was among the most respected of the day. They produced only $20 and $50 pieces, and the present $20 struck in Copper was produced before it was ever made in gold.

The last example struck in gold in MS64 sold for $299,000 back in 2008 and would likely command a reasonably greater sum in today’s market for super rarities.

This incredible offering, struck in Copper and owned by the late great Virgil Brand will be a highlight in any extraordinary world class collection.

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1854 Kellogg $20 Copper Virgil Brand PCGS MS64 BN OGH