Civil War Shipwreck Treasure

SSR Silver Liberty Seated Half Dollars

The story of the SS Republic is one of the most historically significant stories of Shipwreck Treasure. Truly a time capsule of American life 160 years ago.

This SS Republic was a Civil War-Era Sidewheel Steamship that was originally launched in 1853. She was commissioned during the Civil War as a blockade ship. Immediately after the war she began voyages from New York to New Orleans transporting goods and people anxious to start a new life to capitalize on the rebuilding of the southern port in New Orleans. However, on October 25, 1865, she sank in a hurricane off the coast of Georgia carrying a large cargo of silver and gold coins. Most of the passengers and crew survived the horror, but the coins were lost at sea.

In 2003 Odyssey Marine Exploration discovered her resting in the deep blue sea and recovered some 50,000 gold and silver coins. Today you can own a piece of this incredible history.

The coins in this offering have been locked away in bank vaults for over 2 decades. The next custodian of these rare Seated Liberty Silver Half Dollars from the 1850s will be the first to own them since they left the port in New York in 1865. Truly a time capsule of one of the most turbulent times in American history.

This three-coin Seated Liberty Half Dollar set consists of an 1854-O with Arrows at date, a rare and popular two-year issue, an 1858-O, and an 1859-O (the “O” is the mint mark for New Orleans mint).

They are all NGC Certified and pedigreed to the SS Republic.

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