1851 Gold Rush Fantasy Piece

An Extremely Rare Artifact of the Old West

“Eureka!” The news of the California Gold Rush spread across the globe within weeks.

The great discovery of gold in California traveled all over the world and people began making plans to get to California to try their hand at obtaining the riches that lied within.

The ‘State of California’ series is believed to have been struck in Birmingham, England as a fantasy piece to attract people to come to the Golden Coast.

Artistic and beautiful numismatic treasures of early California history

All the denominations produced are extremely rare and were made in very limited quantity. The $20 is very difficult to come by.

The present Gilt example is the Finest Known in that category.

If you collect California Gold Rush artifacts or just want an incredible display of numismatic artistry from this historical era, This coin is for you!

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1851 $20 State of California Double Eagle NGC MS62


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