This first-year issue design and denomination was made possible by the immense amounts of gold coming from the fields and streams of northern California. This era of prosperity is perhaps the greatest economic boom in history and caused a massive influx of people from all over the world into North America.

To say these coins are very historical is an extreme understatement.

First-year issues of all coins are popular, but these historically significant Gold Rush Double Eagles have an added punch. They are the first big, hefty gold coins to be struck with nearly a full ounce of gold and a face value of $20. They are among the most popular of all U.S. coins and are from an era that defined our nation's borders from sea to shining sea. They provide both a fixed supply and high demand, two fundamentals which builds value and price support.

This small group of four coins were acquired from a collector seeking to upgrade his collection. They all grade XF45 by NGC and all have good eye appeal for the grade. The current CU3000 price guide is $4,500.

PLUS – Purchase an 1850 Double Eagle and receive Adam Crum's best-selling book, 'An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Type-I Double Eagles’ Absolutely FREE!

This comprehensive guide to the Type-I series describes each issue in detail, with condition analysis, and reference data ($30 Value, FREE).

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to acquire an example of America’s first $20 gold coin at an affordable price.


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1850 TYPE I $20 LIBERTY with FREE Double Eagle Book NGC XF45


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