Probably UNIQUE. Very Cool Design. Amazing!

This is one of our favorite designs in Latin American numismatics! The best part is the coin is in all probability entirely unique. It is the only one certified, and the only one research can dig up of its kind!

The Potosi Mint was a reservoir for the silver and gold coming from Cerro Rico (“Rich Mountain”). Its altitude at 13,420 feet made it a death trap for thousands of men mining for precious metals.

Potosi has been mentioned in a countless number of books and references. It was a staple for pirates and privateers and the principal source of mass riches for the Spanish Empire and its colonization efforts into the New World.

The world coin marketplace is absolutely exploding has people from all over the globe converge on numismatics as a safe haven for their old or new-found wealth. This spectacular example will be a highlight for any purveyor of an exceptionally rare piece of world history.

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1841 Potosi, Bolivia Gold Bolivia 2 Escudos PCGS AU58


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