July 19, 1821 – Westminster Abbey

As the newly anointed King George IV attended his Coronation his estranged Wife lay deathly ill. She would die just one month later, having stated in her last days that she believed she had been poisoned.

The King and his Wife had been living separate lives since 1796 and having affairs with other people. His life was one of drunkenness and extravagance, having been given a princely allowance early on in life with which to fuel his many vices.

George IV was in fact so extravagant that the coronation itself cost a staggering $28 Million USD when adjusted to today’s dollars. By comparison, his father’s coronation cost just $1.4 Million (adjusted) when he was crowned in 1761.

Nonetheless, the event was popular amongst the public with all the pomp and pageantry – but George’s reign would not be as popular nor near as long as his father’s. Much of his 10 years serving as King were ineffective on his part, having left most of the governmental responsibilities up to his Prime Minister. The King would of course interject where he felt he must.

Alcohol and indulgence would ultimately take their toll on him and he would succumb to their effects on June 26th 1830 at the age of 67.

While largely ineffective as King, he was nevertheless royalty and King of England. After his father’s death had effectively ended the dissension of the days of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 the ties between the two countries would begin to return to some sense of normalcy. His disinterest in American interests helped our country move forward beyond the seeds of war in its adolescence to become a land of prosperity.

This extraordinarily rare Coronation Medal will be a magnificent addition to any great collection of important historical figures and royal monarchs.

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1821 Great Britain King George IV Gold Coronation Medal NGC PF61 Cameo


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