Juan Antonio de la Garza (JAG) as his initials are imprinted on the coin, was a legend in Texas State history. He was the first landowner in San Antonio and the first Mayor of the town.

He is also the first person to strike a coin ever in the Territory of Texas, at the time the colony of New Spain and not yet a State entered into the Union of the United States. As such, it is the only Spanish Colonial coin struck on American soil, but is also a crucial entry into the collection of any purveyor of Texas history or U.S. history in general.

Only 8,000 of these coins were authorized for production, but far fewer remain today. Just 8 examples of the 1818 Texas Jola have ever been certified. About 7 examples are known for 1817, but these examples are so crudely struck that virtually no detail is visible, and they also lack the important Lonestar symbol on the reverse.

The city of San Antonio was, was named after ‘Antonio’ de la Garza. It is the only Colonial made in America struck outside British rule, but is also an important piece of Americana.

This is one of my favorite pieces of tangible history. If you’re from Texas or just appreciate history in general, the stories this coin tells over a coffee table and your favorite drink will bring great joy for years to come. A museum quality example for any world class collection.

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