Reverse of 1795, Naftzger-Reynolds. The date is so rare that even without a Double Strike only 2 or 3 examples are known in Mint State.

It’s an interesting notion to me when you look at an iconic coin like the 1955 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent and compare it with how the extreme rarity and dramatic effect of the present 1797 Reverse of ’95 Double Struck Cent.

Let me explain a couple simple pieces of FACT. Sure, I know the Lincoln Cent Series and the Draped Bust Series of One Cent Coinage are not exactly comparing apples to apples, but the 1797 Cent is separated with 158 years of history from the 1955 Doubled Die.

Just about 15,000 examples of the 1955 Doubled Die are known to exist in all grades combined, with about 3,750 of those at the Mint State level! Yet, a PCGS MS65 example of the 1955 Doubled Die JUST sold in 2018 for $115,000!! The funny thing is, that figure is not unheard of.

This is the ONLY 1797 Draped Bust Cent we’ve seen that is Double Struck. We’re not saying another may not exist, but it sure as heck isn’t to the tune of 15,000 pieces – or 3,750 pieces at the Mint State level, and even then we’re not charging you $115,000 for the privilege of ownership! There’s little probability in fact another one was struck exactly like it, making an extraordinarily unique rarity.

This is already a very rare coin with a CU Value of $72,500 WITHOUT the Double Strike – but LOOK at this coin! The surfaces are dripping with luster and the Double Strike is as BOLD as BOLD can get!

The date is entirely doubled on the obverse, and so is STATES on the reverse.

This is one of my favorite coins I’ve been able to pick up in a-while. It’s a coin I’d be THRILLED to put away in my own collection and one you can tell I’m very excited to finally put my hands on.

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1797 P 1C Double Struck, Gripped Edge Draped Bust Cent PCGS MS64 BN


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