The 1795 Half Eagle is the coin that started it all. As the first year the U.S. Mint struck gold coinage it celebrates demand all throughout the World, and collectors flock to it as part of a type set or a date accumulation of early $5 gold pieces.

The Small Eagle reverse design only lasted a short while before being replaced with the Heraldic Eagle, and as such even greater demand exists for any available Small Eagle type on the market, but none is as famous as the 1795.

At only 8,707 pieces coined it was a scarce coin even at birth with a young America hungry for coinage to conduct their business with. Of course, $5 was a substantial sum in 1795 so perhaps this coin circulated amongst the VIP’s of American society. An extraordinary example to tuck away for generations to come.

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1795 P $5 Draped Bust (Small Eagle) PCGS AU58


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