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1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar PCGS XF40

Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-1795)

Coin ID: 179442



Source: PCGS 2018

Ever since U.S. coin collecting became a hobby, most coin enthusiasts have sought to complete, or nearly complete, a set of a particular type of U.S. coins. The scarcest and most desired coins in sets are the “Key Dates,” some of which have become legendary. “Key date” coins are coins in each series that are usually the most valuable, often the rarest and hardest to find. They tend to have higher price appreciation than their common-date counterparts. Key date coins are considered the “Blue Chips” of rare coins because collectors want and need those to complete a rare coin set, increasing key date value. The impressive higher grade “choice” key date examples are even more desired and more valuable than lower grade key dates.
Key dates and rarities should remain a focus for all high end rare coin investors. Because they are seldom seen in the market, those coins which are a key to finishing a set have tremendous appeal for collectors, regardless of their quality. Demand is always strong and, therefore, price sustainability and upward price pressure is present even when the overall coin market is soft.
A very common question for both coin collectors and investors is, “What coins should I buy?”  All U.S. coinage series have certain dates that are difficult to obtain.  For example:

  • Low mintages or short run varieties
  • Low survival rate in higher grades
  • Mass meltings with low survivors
  • Condition rarities, like poor strikings
  • Mint errors, like double dies
  • Uncirculated coins in higher grades
  • Popular series/date that become scarce

Additional information

Weight 8.0006 g

Rare Coins

Grading service


Mint mark





Silver Dollars

Strike type


Ad year

1794 AD


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