Peru Gold 8 Escudos, Double Struck, Flipover, Lima Mint, 26.90g. Unique.

The Gold 8 Escudos is one of the most popular coins ever minted. The Spanish empire once stretched far and wide, with relics of its influence and culture still prevalent across the globe.

This coin is absolutely exquisite for its given grade, and while it already sits atop the census for the entire date as the Finest Known, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in an even technically finer grade in the future. While the date was mis-keyed on the holder (the date is actually 1741), the coin can be re-holdered promptly upon ordering. All the information you’re being given is for the correct date, 1741.

The Gold 8 Escudos were accepted as legal tender in the United States until 1857. This coin exhibits all the fundamentals of an issue that was handled with kid gloves over the centuries, featuring thick die polish lines in the recesses and extraordinary surface quality.

With world coins absolutely on fire this year we think this is an outstanding opportunity to add this extraordinary example to your collection.

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1741 Lima, Peru Gold 8 Escudos (Flipover, Double Struck) NGC MS62


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