France Silver ECU, King Louis XV, Paris Mint. A gorgeous Proof striking that will be a highlight of any world class collection.

Louis the Beloved was his name amongst his people. At the ripe young age of just five years old Louis XV became heir to the throne upon the death of his Great Grandfather, Louis XIV.

The Kingdom of France would be ruled by his Regent, Philippe II, until Louis became what was then considered the “mature” age to take the helm, at 13.

He went on to rule for 59 years, marking a period in length second only to his Great Grandfather who served for 72 years in that role.

While many leaders were said to be tyrannical, crazy even…Louis XV was known to have a uniqueness of character not known to many other world leaders of the day. People described him as gentle, present, a great memory and a justness of spirit unlike any other.

His accomplishments are not without merit as well. He set forth to reclaim France from the near financial ruin of War.

The Silver ECU is a Crown sized “Silver Dollar.” If a Proof existed in American numismatics from its earliest days you’d be looking at a seven-figure rarity.

This is one of the earliest Proof ECU’s we’ve seen and is a glorious example at that. The execution of strike, detail and design make this a phenomenal addition to any collection.

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1740 Paris, France Silver ECU (King Louis XV) NGC PF63


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