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1646 Duke Friedrich Gold Medal of 10 Ducats PCGS SP61


German States


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Struck on the Duke’s 72nd Birthday

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Struck on the Duke’s 72nd Birthday and just 2 years before his death in 1648, this extraordinary 44m Gold Medal of 10 Ducats weighs in at 35.16gm (more than an ounce) of gold and features the Duke himself on the obverse, and the reverse is rich with vibrant imagery depicting the Peace of Westphalia.

For scholars of global history, the Peace of Westphalia was one of the most important negotiations in all of Europe and for all time.

The negotiations ended three overlapping wars including the Thirty Years War and the Eighty Years War and represented the end to the blood-stained soil that caused the lives of more than 8,000,000 people.

The Peace of Westphalia set the foundation for peace negotiations through diplomatic congress for centuries to come. It was under the Duke’s reign that it occurred, and easily the greatest legacy of his tenure. He would die just two short years after seeing one of the greatest peace treaties ever formed, seeing more than 100 delegates appear in three cities over the course of several months to end one of the greatest blood-spills the world has ever seen.

A truly extraordinary example of the only one we’ve seen certified, with none finer.

Pop: 1/0

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