Great Britain Gold Triple Unite, Charles I, S-2724, Oxford Mint, 26.97g.

Charles I became King of England, Scotland and Ireland at the ripe young age of just 24.

The reign of King Charles was plagued before it began. Riddled with debt from his father James I, he entered the kingdom already filled with tension over taxation policies. His father also refused to grant Catholics the right to worship, which led to the now infamous Gunpowder plot of 1605.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Charles was very much like his father – refusing to let go of his father’s doctrine. All of this led to the execution of Charles in 1649, with Oliver Cromwell being one of the signatories of his death warrant. 

The Gold Triple Unite is one of the most important coins struck under a Kingdom whose influence was felt across the globe.

In 2018 this exact same die variety sold at auction for $132,000. The coin was struck sometime between January and late March of 1642 in Oxford, England.

So seldom do we find an opportunity like this to acquire such a choice example. It weighs a massive 26.97 grams. The coin was used at least in part by the King as gifts to cement individuals as loyal to his cause.

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1642 Oxford, Great Britain Gold Triple Unite (Charles I) PCGS AU53


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