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1615-SD Gold 2 Escudos from the Atocha Shipwreck PCGS AU50

Very Rare. Pop 1.

Only 62 gold coins in total were recovered from the Atocha, most without a legible date and many not in a condition for grading.


Nuestra Senora de Atocha was a Spanish Treasure Galleon and the most widely known of a fleet of ships that sank in a ferocious hurricane off the coast of the Florida Keys in 1622.

After a series of delays due in part to how massive the treasure was being loaded onto the Atocha, she would not leave Havana until September 4th 1622 – about six weeks late.

As fate would have it, she would lose most of her crew and all of her cargo. Just three sailors and two slaves survived the ordeal by hanging onto the mizzen mast of the ship.

Among the men killed in the disaster was the legendary Bartolome Garcia de Nodal, explorer of the Straits of Magellan surrounding Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America.

Much of the wreck was subsequently discovered by Mel Fisher and his crew in 1985. There would be a series of lengthy court battles determining who rightfully could take claim to the treasure, and ultimately the salvagers came out victorious.

A mere 62 gold coins were recovered from the Atocha in total. Most of those coins lack a legible date, and others are not able to be graded because of their state of preservation.

This example is the only one known of this issue. It is an extraordinary opportunity while it lasts.



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AU 50

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